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2023-10-31 15:40:00

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2023-11-14 12:00:00

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Tender Details


This document is not for sale. Any entity that requests payment must be reported at the contact person indicated in this tender.


Casidra requires the services of a Registered firm of auditors to audit the Annual Financial Statements of all projects managed and implemented by Casidra for four years commencing 01 March 2024.

The scope of works is described on document CBD 4 and will include:

  • Conduct an External Audit which complies with all relevant legislation and industry standards
  • Evaluate financial statements
  • Evaluate compliance with relevant laws and statutes
  • Issue a consolidated Management report to the Audit and Risk Committee at the end of each audit cycle
  • Present engagement letter and management report to the Audit and Risk Committee

The following expertise is required:

  • The service provider must be registered with the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA)
  • The service provider must present a portfolio of External Audits performed over the last three years
  • The service provider’s proposal must demonstrate in depth understanding of financial and legal frameworks applying to a State-Owned Enterprise in South Africa

In accordance with Casidra’s Preferential Procurement Policy, this bid as further indicated in CBD 5.1 is subject to:

  • a functionality compliance test;
  • B-BBEE certified bids will receive preferential scores;

The successful bidder will be required to fill in and sign a Service Level Agreement (CPBD 8).

BID DEADLINE:  The closing date for the bid is 14 November 2023 strictly at 12H00.

Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the name of the bidder and the inscription “EXTERNAL PROJECT AUDITOR SERVICES – BID NO 2023/02/HO” and placed in the bid box available at Reception of Casidra’s Head Office, 22 Louws Avenue, Southern Paarl.  No faxed, counter-to-counter courier or posted bids will be accepted.

The following documents (including fully completed and signed CBD forms numbered 1 to 5.1 as supplied) must be valid for a period of 90 calendar days after closure of the bid and submitted as a bid packet:

Document number Document description Action required/comment Mark

CBD 1 General requirements Signed
CBD 2.1 Conditions to submit bid (lump sum) Signed
CBD 3.1 Price form (lump sum) must be signed Complete, sign
CBD 3.1 Experience Proof of previous work and contact details of three work-related references from three different companies that are qualified to comment on work Compulsory
CBD 3.1 Changes Indication if any changes are proposed in scope of work and cost implication If required
CBD 4 Scope of works Signed
CBD 5.1 (80/20) PPP Evaluation form Complete, sign
BEE B-BBEE Certificate or Sworn Affidavit (as applicable, see CBD 5 for detail) Original affidavit or certified copy certificate/Valid/not compulsory
Company Profile Detailed company profile including the core competencies and contact details of three work-related references that are qualified to comment on work. Compulsory


IRBA registration Proof of registration with the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) must be submitted. Compulsory


All queries must be sent to Supply Chain at tender@casidra.co.za only with the subject “EXTERNAL PROJECT AUDITOR SERVICES – BID NO 2023/02/HO