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2023-07-13 13:36:00

Closing Date:

2023-07-25 11:00:00

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Supply Chain - AP0431

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Bidding on this tender has ended

Tender Details


JULY 2023

This document is not for sale. Any entity that requests payment must be reported at the contact person indicated in this tender. 


Venzimvelo is a farm located in the Atlantis area within the City of Cape Town. The farm currently has 17 sheep and would like to expand the operation to 50 sheep under irrigated pastures. Currently, the animals are on natural grazing without any augmentation from panted pastures. Fifteen (15) ha has been set aside for planted pastures since the farm has access to water for both irrigation and animal watering.

The scope of works is described on document CPBD 4 and will include:

  1. A feasibility report in MS Word format;
  2. Establish the financial viability of 50 sheep on the farm;
  3. The project risk matrix must be incorporated into the report;
  4. Accounting ratios to be used in the interpretation of the results;
  5. An excel report with the following:
    • Profit and loss statement and projected cash flow statements
    • A list of all the assumptions made for the calculations
    • The formulas should be inserted in the excel spreadsheet
  6. The report should cover all elements of a feasibility study

In accordance with Casidra’s Preferential Procurement Policy, this bid as further indicated in CBD 5.1 is subject to:

  • a functionality compliance test;
  • B-BBEE certified bids will receive preferential scores;

The successful bidder will be required to fill in and sign a written Contract Form (CPBD 8).

RFQ DEADLINE:  The closing date for the request for quote is 25 July 2023 strictly at 12H00.


All RFQ documents to be uploaded onto the Casidra RFQ/Tender portal. No e-mailed or hard copy documents will be accepted. 


Bidders are required to ensure that electronic bid submissions are done at least a day before the closing date to prevent issues which they may encounter due to their internet speed, bandwidth or the size or number of uploads they are submitting. Please do not wait for the last minute to submit. A bidder can upload 30MB and up to 10 documents per upload and multiple uploads are permitted.

The following documents (including fully completed and signed CPBD forms numbered 1 to 5.1 as supplied) must be valid for a period of 60 calendar days after closure of the bid and submitted as a bid packet:

Document number Document description Action required/Comment Mark
CPBD 1 General requirements Signed
CPBD 2.1 Conditions to submit bid Signed
CPBD 3.1 Price form (lump sum) Complete, sign
CPBD 3.1 Rates Unit rates for the works on the forms as supplied Compulsory
CPBD 3.1 Changes Indication if any changes are proposed in scope of works and cost implication. If required
CPBD 3.1 Experience & Education Qualifications and CV. Compulsory
CPBD 4 Scope of works Signed
CPBD 5.1 (80/20) PPP Evaluation form Complete, sign
TCC of principle and sub-contractors Registration and verification of Tax Clearance on CSD. Compulsory
BEE B-BBEE Certificate or Sworn Affidavit (as applicable, see CPBD5 for detail) Original affidavit or certified copy of certificate/ valid / not compulsory