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Post Date:

2023-03-06 12:40:00

Closing Date:

2023-03-14 12:00:00

Contact Person:

Mr. Sakkie Kordom

Contact Email:


Bidding on this tender has ended

Tender Details


This document is not for sale. Any entity that requests payment must be reported at the contact person indicated in this tender.


The works, as described, are part of the Agriculture and Land Reform programme of the Department of Agriculture Western Cape for the Little Karoo district. Kasper Boerdery is situated, outside Dysselsdorp. On the gravel road on your way to De Rust. The quoted amount will be a lump sum bid and must include supply & delivery of implements to the project. The successful bidder must have the capacity to deliver the material within 15 (Fifteen) days after appointment.

Casidra has a strict no upfront payment policy, material will therefore needs to deliver prior to payment.

Casidra reserves the right to accept parts of the bid items or split bids based upon item prices.

The scope of works will include:

  1. Supply and delivery of fencing material as per CBD 4

Documents for the purpose of this bid include:

  1. Conditions to Submit Bid (Form CBD 2.1 or Standard Conditions of Contract can be viewed on the Casidra website at casidra.co.za.
  2. Price Form, Bill of Quantities and Schedules (Form CBD 3.1 (Lump Sum)
  3. Scope of Works (Form CBD 4)
  4. PPP Evaluation Form (Form CBD 5.1 (80/20)
  5. Bank Entity Form (Form CBD 7), unless the banking details of the company indicate “verified” on the Central Supplier Database (CSD).
  6. Registration on the CSD for all suppliers is compulsory and registration numbers must be supplied.
  7. Local Content Declaration form

In accordance with Casidra’s Preferential Procurement Policy, this bid as further indicated in CBD 5.1 is subject to:

  • B-BBEE certified bids will receive preferential scores;
  • Local production and content

This bid include goods from a designated sector steel wire and cement and only locally produced goods, services or works, or locally manufactured goods with a stipulated minimum threshold for local production and content will be considered. SBD 6.2 and Annex C, D and E documentation apply and must be completed and handed in with this bid.

RFQ DEADLINE:  The closing date for the request for quote is 14 March 2023 strictly at 12H00.


Documents can be downloaded from website. All RFQ documents to be uploaded onto the Casidra RFQ/Tender portal. No e-mailed or hard copy documents will be accepted.

Bidders are required to ensure that electronic bid submissions are done at least a day before the closing date to prevent issues which they may encounter due to their internet speed, bandwidth or the size of number of uploads they are submitting. Please do not wait for the last your to submit. A bidder can upload 30MB and up to 10 documents per upload and multiple uploads are permitted.

The following documents (including fully completed and signed CBD forms numbered 1 to 9 as supplied) must be valid for a period of 60 calendar days after closure of the bid and submitted as a bid packet:

Document number Document description Action required/comment 
CBD 1 General requirements Signed
CBD 2.1 Conditions to submit bid Standard Conditions of Contract can be viewed on the Casidra website at www.casidra.co.za.  
CBD 3.1 Price form (lump sum) Complete, sign
Price CBD 3.1 Price breakdown (unit amounts) Compulsory
CBD 4 Scope of works Signed
CBD 5.1(80/20) PPP Evaluation form Complete, sign
CBD 7 Bank Entity form (Not needed if “verified” on CSD)(Banking details as provided by bank) Complete, bank stamp
BEE B-BBEE Certificate or Sworn Affidavit (as applicable, see CBD 5 for detail) Original affidavit or certified copy certificate/Valid/not compulsory
Capacity to deliver Proof of capacity to deliver within 15 days. Compulsory
SBD 6.2 Local Content Local Content Declaration Compulsory